Voodoo Rising

Choreographic Consultant

Jeanefer was engaged as Choreographic Consultant for ‘Voodoo Rising’.  Artistic Director Sonya Moorhead and outdoor arts experts Walk the Plank, presented a collaboration with Mr Wilson’s Second Liners – New Orleans meets 90s club classics rave band.

Drawing upon a rich tapestry of cultural references, Voodoo Rising is a euphoric fusion of music, movement, fire and pyrotechnics; inspired by the Louisiana Bayou and hedonism of 90’s clubland.
As Choreographic Consultant, Jeanefer joined the team for the R&D period, which included a spectacular performance at Arts by the Sea Festival in Bournemouth, October 2016.

Voodoo Rising was designed by world renowned designer Dan Potra and Graham Massey – Pioneer of Electronic Music for the first phase of the R&D, supported by Arts Council England.