See Black Victorians for FREE at the British Museum in London, UK

Presented in partnership with Camden Council as part of their Black History Season, two performances of Black Victorians will take place at the British Museum on 4 November 2023, one at 1:30pm and another at 3:30pm.

Get ready To See Black Victorians This Summer!

Black Victorians is back for its 3rd year of touring this summer thanks to the support of FESTIVAL.ORG. This year, as well as some UK dates, we have some International dates in Aveiro (Portugal) and Antwerp (Belgium).

The People’s Flag

Produced by Jeanefer Jean-Charles & Associates and Northern Town Date: Monday 1st May 2023Location: Thomas Steers Way, Chavasse Park, Liverpool, UK On 1st May 2023 1,000 volunteers came together to celebrate Eurovision, Ukraine and Liverpool. Jeanefer Jean-Charles MBE from Jeanefer Jean-Charles & Associates and local choreographers; Lisi Perry and Grace Goulding invited local communities from… Continue reading The People’s Flag

The People’s Flag

Creating a unique, warm welcome to all Eurovision-comers, The People’s Flag is a brand new, mass participation film by Mass Movement Director Jeanefer Jean-Charles MBE and local choreographers Lisi Perry
and Grace Goulding.

Mass Participation Film for EuroFestival

Do you want to be part of the EuroFestival celebrations in Liverpool?
Do you want to be part of our cast in a mass participation film?
Are you available on the 1st May?

Jeanefer Jean-Charles MBE appears in ITV documentary film

Jeanefer Jean-Charles MBE from Jeanefer Jean-Charles & Associates was among a cast of contributors that appeared in an ITV documentary on Sunday, 16 Oct 2022.