Newham Unlocked Festival: Plaistow and Green Street

Artistic Director 

A weekend of creative events, powerful dance performances and local talent

Date: 16 October to 17 October 2021

Location: London Borough of Newham

Client: Rosetta Arts

Newham Unlocked Festival: Plaistow and Green Street was a month-long celebration of unity and community with two landmark events on the weekend of October 16 and 17.

The weekend programme included a specially commissioned Mass Movement parade of 60 dancers from six community groups accompanied by a live band and a fun-packed programme on the outdoor stage in Plaistow Park with performances by singers, poets, dancers, DJ’s and more.

The powerful dance parade in the centre of Queen’s Market was inspired by Green Street as a celebration of the local community.


“Community is a key part of what makes Newham great and at Rosetta Arts, we’re proud to have been able to work with ours so closely to produce this spectacular event. A huge thank you to the festival’s artistic director Jeanefer Jean-Charles, Newham Council and everyone who made it possible and to all those that came along and enjoyed the programme we put together.” – Sanaz Amidi, Chief Executive, Rosetta Arts.”