Knowsley Sporting Legends Relay

Creative Consultant 

Client: Knowsley Borough of Culture 2022

Date: Saturday 23 July 2002

Location: Eddie McCardle Playing Fields, Knowsley, Merseyside

Jeanefer Jean-Charles MBE worked as Creative Consultant with Liverpool Choreographer Grace Goulding on a mass movement dance piece celebrating Knowsley’s rich sporting heritage. The piece formed part of the grand finale of a week-long Sporting Legends Relay, which featured walking, cycling, horse riding, running, and toddling, celebrating both sporting legends and grass-roots sports heroes from the borough. 

The final dance piece took place outdoors as the finale of a week-long Sporting Legends Relay and told the borough’s stories through movement, fusing sports and arts, and bringing together local dance schools, sports people, and sporting audiences in a celebration of Knowsley, spearheaded by celebrity and local sports heroes including Katerina Johnson Thompson, John Conteh, and Steve McMahon.

“Knowsley Sporting Legends Relay was a fantastic week of events, and it was great to see so many people get involved"

The Knowsley Borough of Culture 2022

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