As the choreographer for Indepen-dance, Jeanefer created an immersive piece with the full cast of the Indepen-dance Performance Company. This piece opened ‘Gathered Together 2016’, Scotland’s inclusive dance festival at the Tramway, Glasgow in 2016. 

This high energy piece was set in a nightclub in Harlem, New York, during the 1930-40’s and was accompanied by live vocals from the Swingcats and Karen MacIver on piano. Working with Dramaturge Julie Brown was a key highlight for Jeanefer.

“Hoppin’ in Harlem choreographed by Jeanefer Jean-Charles and directed by Random Accomplice’s Julie Brown is gorgeous. The whole Indepen-dance ensemble present a slick, sassy tribute to the Cotton Club. It’s visually ravishing, with 20s dames and wise guys in their monochrome finery and sharp period design from Kenny Miller.

To a fabulous live soundtrack by Karen McIvor and The Swing-Cats, the controversy of lindy-hopping as the source of all debauchery is cheekily referenced, and the air raid sirens ring out every ten minutes, making all ‘duck and cover’. Here everyone gets a chance to shine, with a solo in the spotlight, and the storytelling about American liberty in the swing era  is rich and funny- an infectious and joyful piece”

Review: Lorna Irvine

Images: The Camera Quines

‘Gathered Together’ was produced by Indepen-dance and took place in Glasgow, 7th-10th September 2016.