In Service Training

Jeanefer’s In-Service Training programme provides teachers with the confidence and resources to deliver dance and build capacity internally. Through co-teaching and mentoring, Jeanefer equips teachers with the skills to deliver a scheme of work, using creative dance to teach a topic on the National Curriculum topic. The scheme of work which includes film and music examples is given to the school providing a sustainable resource for future years. Teachers do not need to have any prior dance experience to take part in the training. The beauty of the project is that teachers can work with their full class while training and get the children dancing immediately.

By the end of the training, teachers will:

– Feel confident to teach a scheme of work
– Understand how to deliver a successful dance session in seven sections
– Be introduced to the various stimuli that can be used as a starting point to create a dance, such as music, film, objects, images and narrative
– Have a better understanding of how to draw creative movement from the children
– Be in a stronger position to work creatively in a variety of ways
– Have weekly briefing and debriefing sessions with Jeanefer
– Receive a unique resource pack, including music, as well as film footage of their own teaching
Previous schemes of work include
King of the Jungle, Soldiers, The Stone Age, Dangerous Earth and Space.

“The project that you have run at Barnes, over the last year, has been a resounding success for staff, children and the parents.  Confidence levels amongst staff and children have increased significantly and the feedback from parents has been very positive.  Productions and the inclusion of dance within the performances has had a profound impact upon the quality of the productions across Key Stage One and Key Stage Two. Staff have certainly been inspired by the work that you have carried out”.

Sue Jepson, Deputy Headteacher – Barnes Primary

West London Teaching Alliance

Jeanefer is working with schools in Ealing in partnership with the West London Teaching Alliance as part of their Continual Professional Training programme.

With some of the most extensive school to school support and training available in West London, to help improve outcomes for all children, Jeanefer’s programme ‘Teaching subjects through creative dance’ adds a new and creative dimension to the work of the alliance.

Click here to view Jeanefer’s programme or visit the alliance website here.

“We are delighted to enhance our schools offer by welcoming Jeanefer onboard as a new partner. Her inspirational in-service training programme provides teachers with the confidence and resources to deliver dance, building capacity and resources internally and enabling schools to keep teaching dance for years to come. Providing fantastic learning opportunities that are sometimes transformational, her work undoubtedly enriches school life”.

Beth Gregory, WLTA Teaching School Manager

Primary Leadership Conference

Jeanefer presented her work at the Ealing Primary Leadership Conference in January 2017 and 2018, and was delighted to get 50 + headteachers dancing!