Greenwich + Docklands International Festival 2019

Movement Director for the Opening Ceremony
Creative Consultant for the Closing Ceremony

Jeanefer-Jean Charles was Movement Director for the opening ceremony and Creative Consultant for the closing ceremony at Greenwich+Docklands International Festival (GDIF 2019), London’s annual free outdoor festival.

The opening and closing ceremonies celebrated the spirit of the people and places in which these two events took place.

‘The Spirit of Woolwich’ a new high-flying, immersive production from internationally acclaimed French company Transe Express fused dance, music, acrobatics, and spectacle.

Presented with professional and community casts – two very different public spaces were transformed into glittering outdoor ballrooms with the help of a giant overhead chandelier.

Jeanefer was commissioned to integrate a public engagement section to this performance, giving the opportunity for locals to be part of the magic of the festival.

Transe Express’ Cristal Palace perches a jazz band in a gigantic chandelier dangling from a crane. Another band stream smoke below and dancers leap on stage, sliding from silks and clambering up poles. – The Guardian