One Dance UK Conference 2017

Speaker at the One Dance UK Choreographers Conference ‘How do you find work and how do you navigate your way through the wilderness?’ Jeanefer Jean-Charles’s talk was focused specifically for freelance choreographers and dance artists and Jeanefer ensured there was an opportunity for the attendees to discuss and reflect on this engaging and highly relevant… Continue reading One Dance UK Conference 2017

Paralympic Flame Ceremony

Performance Director In March 2018 Jeanefer Jean-Charles stood once again alongside the Paralympic flame, this time as Performance Director for the Paralympics Flame Ceremony in Stoke Mandeville. Working as part of the Walk the Plank team, Jeanefer coordinated the performance that accompanied the iconic moment the flame was passed from Stoke Mandeville to Seoul in Korea. This… Continue reading Paralympic Flame Ceremony

Carnival Artist Development – Norwich & Great Yarmouth

Creative Consultant for Artist Development Day In February 2018, Jeanefer Jean-Charles held a creative development day for local artists from Norwich and Great Yarmouth. The embryonic development workshop was essential ahead of the celebration surrounding 250 years of circus in the UK and culminated in a carnival extravaganza in June and July 2018 with events… Continue reading Carnival Artist Development – Norwich & Great Yarmouth

Outdoor Arts UK Conference 2017

Special Guest Speaker Jeanefer Jean-Charles was invited to speak at Out Door Arts UK (formally ISAN) Making Waves: Critical Mass 2017 National Outdoor Arts Conference, a two day event in Milton Keynes.  Her presentation explored the impact of her involvement in Outdoor Arts with a particular focus on the Manchester Day Parade, which Jeanefer has… Continue reading Outdoor Arts UK Conference 2017