Learning & Participation

As a qualified secondary school teacher with a passion for nurturing and developing creative talent, Jeanefer Jean-Charles has trained and mentored teachers, artists, and producers for over 20 years. Jeanefer is a qualified secondary school teacher and has taught dance extensively in schools, theatres and arts centres both nationally and internationally. 

Jeanefer’s Learning and Participation programmes include her groundbreaking Tomorrow’s Men project, Lads and Dads, and In-Service Training which provides teachers with the skills, confidence and resources to deliver dance, building capacity internally. Jeanefer also offers Bespoke Projects, tailored for the needs of your school or organisation.

"The project has been highly successful for raising awareness of dance for boys with many of them becoming outstanding role models for their peers…The potential to achieve was harnessed by two male dance artists who captured the boys’ imagination and proved to inspire them at all levels"

Kew Riverside,

Michael Dillon, Headteacher

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